Benefits for Attorneys 

​​​​​​​LASH & Associates ​​​​​​Medical Legal Consulting

Services by Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

We provide work products individualized according to your needs

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To achieve your desired client and firm outcomes, LASH & Associates behind the scenes, purely consulting services provides you more time to focus on legal aspects, issues, and strategies for your medically related cases

We translate voluminous electronic and written medical records into usable and pertinent information so that you can focus on what is medically important and understand what is not important

We conduct medical literature research, explain injuries, abnormal physiology, and contributing factors specific to each case, to support your legal decision making and strategies

Our detailed analyses provide you with objective, chronological pictures of the courses of events, especially for complex cases

Depending upon your type of practice and legal requirements for testifying experts, our analyses may allow you to focus on specific issues with testifying experts, thereby decreasing experts' billable hours

Based on our analyses of alleged injuries and potential contributing factors:

       for plaintiff attorneys, we assist in your decision whether or not to accept a case           or settle early on if significant defensible information exists

       ​for defense attorneys, we assist in your defense or settlement

We use our medical and nursing knowledge, expertise, and insider's knowledge of the healthcare system to identify missing records, potential tampering, missing links to decrease the chance of unwelcome surprises for you

​So that you can anticipate what opposition counsel may argue, we objectively analyze medically related strengths and weaknesses

Our thorough analyses of medical aspects and ability to educate attorneys regarding medical aspects provides attorneys increased confidence with preparation for deposition and trial

​Our services support you to more timely and efficiently handle cases which enhances your opportunities for increased profitability